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Mackay 27th July 2018
Professional Development For Teachers, Teacher Aides, Early Childhood Educators, Community Stakeholders, Support Workers, Carers and Parents.

Child focused Workshop for Teachers, Special Needs Service Providers, Families & Carers
Whole-staff Professional Development for Workplaces and Schools - individualised to suit your needs


  • Understand negative behaviour

  • Identify behavioural triggers

  • Establish strategies to encourage positive behaviour

  • Identify short and long term effects of negative behaviour

  • Gain strategies to improve concentration, listening, learning & behaviour

  • Awareness of sensory processing difficulties with children learning

  • Recognise Picky Eating

  • Interpret - Food & Mood

  • The Microbiome Theory (allergies, sensitivities and food) 

  • Brain health for mental health, concentration, mood, memory

  • Movement and how it can impact on health & development

The workshop is interactive and provides some time to cement information rather than classical lecture style.  

Presented by: 


Paediatric Health & Development Coach |  Nutritional Therapist |  Parent of ASD Child | 
Autism Coach |  Trained with the Medical Academy of Paediatric Special Needs, Neuro Therapies & Behavioural Therapies

ASD Healthy Life is your first point of contact, providing education, support, functional medicine and nutritional therapy.  We also assist families navigate the health system by sourcing the right health professionals, therapies, funding etc for their particular needs.
Our aim is to offer clients an integrated approach to health, healing and development utilising the most up to date research and modalities to ensure best practice and the greatest holistic benefit to the individual.

Guest Speakers

Paediatric Occupational Therapist | Piano Teacher | Parent
Special Interest in Childhood Behaviour and Autism

Learn & Grow OT provides a private based occupational therapy service for babies, children and adolescents. Providing a mobile service for convenience and comfort-ability, we offer family friendly approaches to ‘help children learn and grow’.

Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts (Primary Education)
Diploma in Counselling
Children's Counsellor
Facilitator of Mental Health Workshops | Parent

Mackay Counselling Service is a new counselling service for children.

Age range taught: All  
Teacher + Early Childhood Training
Aligns with Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,3,4,7
NQS Quality Areas: 1,2,3,5,6,7 

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